International Art Rating: “World’s Top Artists XVIII – XXI Centuries.

Professional Union of Artists of Russia – Chairman, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Professor Sergei Wolfowitz Zagraevsky, Moscow.

“…Your vessel of self expression is a testament to the reverence within you. I found your site a heart centred place of creative energy. Thank you for sharing your rich and varied tapestry. May the language of the spirit speak to your soul as it inspires you to discover your truth. …Your site is a delightful experience which cultivates individuality of expression and, as it is your personal contribution, it is relevant and significant. I enjoyed partaking in your path of creative potential and labyrinth of human imagination. I wish you a dance of life that lifts your spirit as it serves the betterment of humankind. May you continue to give who you are to the world while travelling the creative path of life and invoking growth of the soul. „

… I am contacting you on behalf of the Saatchi Gallery here in London. Whilst searching the web I came upon your site and was impressed by the high standard of work. I would like to tell you about a new development here at the Saatchi Gallery. 

“…We are in receipt of your material and are most impressed. Your ‘oeuvre’ is truly outstanding. The technical quality and its nuances are of the highest caliber. „

“ An insuperable technique is associated with new ideas and a deep respect to tradition in her art. Her subjects are human messages because of what they are and want to represent, what might be and is not or what might have been but has not been; the time in which we live and in which we have just lived „

“ The artistic journey of Vanda Daminato is characterised by a creative path which is based on the elegance of coloured drafts and which is supported by a language of dreams that draws from the worlds of fairytales and literature. Her artwork tells stories that are infused with positive feelings, love stories wrapped up in an aura of purity, leaps on to the wings of freedom and childhood memories that are free of shadows and which are able to reflect and recover the spontaneity and imagination of a child and remodel these qualities with the awareness and rationality of an adult, but without affecting the magic. Daminato works by combining pastel shades and more intense colours, creating colourful contrasts that enhance the emotions of vision. The imaginary and fairytale world in which Daminato’s artwork lives is easy to see thanks to the use of thick contours, a detailed preparatory drawing and the presences of soft and fluid lines. The shading is always delicate and elegantly adjusted in order to provide enough room for the expressive strength of the colours, which, thanks to their brightness, immediately guides the viewers’ eyes around the painting. It is as if Daminato takes the viewer by the hand and guides them through forgotten fantasies, capturing their attention and showing them clearly how that that seems to have been buried by the ups and downs of life has not been, rather it has only been sleeping and is now ready to be reawakened in images, and this is done by the evocative strength of the pieces’ colourful lines. Daminato shows us how it is possible to recover lost emotions and enrich their meanings. The freshness of her artwork reaches us directly, explaining her desire to use gentle surreal touches to define not just a narration that is suspended in time, but a place in the mind. „


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